Q. What is Tahleem university? Please explain.

A.  Tahleem University is an online distance university ,where you can study sitting in your home from any where in the world ,as long as you have computer and an internet connection. Its ideal for students from far flung areas who can not leave homes and travel to cities.. All courses are prepared by highly qualified local and international teachers and are updated regularly. The price structure of courses is very cost effective and inexpensive. The quality of courses and explanatory videos are of very high quality not normally available in traditional universities.. The university offers courses in URDU/HINDI language also.

Q. Is  education in online university as good as traditional university?

A. The admission in online universities has outpaced traditional universities in last 10 years. Online universities are cost effective , flexible, and highly focused. Students also have more choice and convenience to study part time ,and use extra time for job or other work.

Q. Can i study from home?

A. You can study from any place. What you need is a computer( desktop, Laptop or android phone) and an internet connection.

Q. When can I start my course?

A. Any time of the year

Q. Is their any educational prerequisite to start a course?

A. We do require students to have already passed HSSC/Intermediate exam with minimum 40% marks.

Q. Is your university affiliated with any foreign university?

A. We are not affiliated with anyone. However we will offer affiliations next year..

Q. Is their any age restrictions at Tahleem university admission?

A. Their are no age restrictions. You can earn certificate in any course.

Q. How long does a shorter course (ie. 80-120 hrs) take to complete?

A. Commonly no more than one year. Some students finish in less than 6 months. However you can study at your pace. There is no time restriction to finish the course.

Q. What happens if I have to stop studying for a while?

(e.g. Get sick, go on holidays, have a baby).

A. Apply for an extension. It's OK to take a break and start up your study at a later point in time. Just let us know.

Q.  What level is a certificate?

A. We do not use levels on certificates.

Levels I, II, III etc are systems used for Competency Based Training in both Australia and the UK. (The levels also mean different things in different countries.)

Q. Will i get a hard copy of certificate ?

A. you will be able to print hard copy from your student area. It will become available on completion of course and passing of test in pdf file. How ever you can also ask student Councillor to mail you hard copy by sending a payment of US $10 to cover postage and printing.

Q. What if my employer or educational institution wants to verify my certificate?

A. Yes ,they can do it. Each certificate has a unique code printed on it, which is generated only for that certificate.

Q. Ok, i want to join a course . How can i do it?

A. It is very easy . Just sign in as guest , fill a small 2 minute form, verify your email and you are done. Now you can pick any course which you want to study. You can also get help from video on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mjswdov5Gz8

Q. Is university accredited f?

A. Yes, the accreditation is in process .

Q. How much a course cost?

A. The course fees are determined depending on its complexity and length. But at the moment all courses are priced at flat US $10 till 31 Dec 2018 . Next year their prices may change.

Q. How can i make payment ?

A. You can pay online by credit card or PayPal from any country of the worls by Visa, Mastercard and Discover.

You can also pay by easy paisa on phone ( 0313 98440879) in Pakistan only  Send proof of payment to 0313 9844089 (picture of bank deposit receipt ) with your name and account ID  . on verification of payment, your course will be added to your account .This process normally takes about 24-48 hours. 

Q. If i still have any questions?

A. Call one of our students councillors at 051 2254642 , 051 2855025, whatsapp 0313 9844089  or email support@tahleem.com . We will be too happy to help you to sign up as student.
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