Build a robot which never hits anything, It barely takes 20 minutes to do this let's get started.

The robot that we are going to build today is moving around and it can detect obstacles and avoid them. It uses a ultrasonic distance sensor to  measure the distance from its front side. When it detects an obstacle,  it stops, looks around and then it turns to  the direction with the more space available.

This course is a step by step guide how to solve the famous puzzle called Rubik's Cube. When attending this course you will easily master the Rubil's Cube within 24 hours. In this course you will step by step learn

  • how the cube works
  • to logic behind the cube
  • where to start
  • how to build your first side
  • how to continue from there on
  • what to look for in the end
  • how to finish it every time
  • how to finish it in under two minutes

Solving the Rubik's Cube was hard for me at first, but thank's to the system that I teach you in this course it is easy now. So take your chance and start solving the Cube today.

Phaser 3 is the game development framework which has taken the developer community by storm! Discover how to make the most of this popular JavaScript / HTML5 library, and gain the skills that will allow you to employ simple and intuitive mechanics in your Phaser 3 games.

In this course, you will learn about:

so you want to create your own video games using unity3D

don't worry it is so fun to do that

you will enjoy what you are doing

and you will learn the fastest way it will not take so much time to learn every thing

you will connect the programming with something visual it is FUN

also don't forget patience is the key

Do you think Unity is for developing Gaming Apps only? 

Not any more !!! 

Unity has come a long way in supporting those crucial elements required for Non Gaming Android Development and iOS Development. With User Interface api in Unity 2017, it is very easy to develop Non Gaming Apps and deploy to multiple platforms.

I am Neeraj Jaiswal. I have developed 100+ apps across 9 different platforms. These apps have been downloaded more than 4 million times.  Most of these were developed natively for their respective platforms.

In the recent years we are adopting Unity for developing our apps with a single codebase for these platforms.

With the awesome build and packaging support of Unity, it makes it possible to deploy on more than 25 platforms with single codebase.

So why not develop Non Gaming Apps  with Unity and reach out to those platforms where you have never thought of hosting your app before.

So Start developing Cross Platform Non Gaming Apps with Unity.

Develop your first app in next 30 minutes.

Join the Revolution with me and Unity.