In this udemy course will be going over how to assemble a standard rabbit hutch.

The main tool you are going to need is a Phillips screwdriver. That's pretty much Universal for most rabbit hutches like this one. No power tools required.

We do recommend you have someone with you for assembling touches like this. It makes the whole process more fun and makes it a lot easier when holding up different sections.

Hope you enjoy this course and have a blessed rest of your day. Thank you.

Hello new artists! 

****Update 31/07/2018***** 

Have added a new "inspiration" lecture

****Update 01/08/2018***** 

Have added a new "Exercise" lecture - a practical exercise to test out tour drawing skills

Join me in this free workshop where I will be exploring  a large cartoon man. I will be showing you how to use the Draw 8 Method to help you draw quicker and better in no time at all!

The main learning outcome in this course is for the new artist to learn how to identify what shapes to draw when constructing a character, what order to draw them in and learning how to create some really awesome looking facial expressions.

We finish off with a dynamic action pose and a exercise where you practice swinging your character from a rope!

Free feedback available in my Facebook group

This is a short tutorial showing a simple way of animating spheres to create immersive infographics. Presentations need not be boring anymore. You can not only use 3ds Max just for Arch Viz work, but can make such fancy animations. This has a lot of applications and I will be making more such courses, maybe a bunch course as well.

This comes under an initiative I am starting myself to create 5 hours of free content every year to get across more number of students and learners. 

This is for anyone who has this as a hobby or wants to take up freelance PPT to Presentation Video gigs or someone who knows 3ds Max and wants to explore more options in it.

I have provided a set of image based tutorial at the end for beginners to understand the interface, tools.

Karel the Robot, used by Stanford University and implemented here in Excel VBA, is a fun way to engage new students in creating programs.  

Stripping away any cumbersome details, we will use Karel the Robot to focus on the essence of programming.  We will practice how to organize your thoughts into the proper structure which will sharpen your skills for more difficult problems.