In this course you will learn how to grow your own youtube channel or your youtube videos. You will learn how to get more views, likes, and more attention from bigger youtubers. In this course you will find multiple ways to get attention from regular youtube viewers. I have used youtube for about 5 years now, as a user, in these years I've learned how youtubers try to show their channel to you and get your channel. I will be teaching you everything I've learned in these years, so you don't have to spend these years.

Welcome to the Top Down Camera Course! Brought to you by Indie-Pixel. In this course we will walk through the process of creating a Top Down Camera like those seen in orthographic games. We will walk through the code logic, step by step. We will then Create a basic editor tool to make it easier for anyone to edit. Finally we will look at ways to automate the setup of the camera and how to make the code more re-usable by basing our classes. By the end you will have your very own Top Down Camera components that you can use in any Unity project!  Best thing is that its free!

This course teaches the newest ways to write action oriented sales letters that will generate sales on demand. Copyrighting is the most important part of making sales. This applies to any product from your Kindle books to items on ebay and everything in between.  Yet copyrighting is one of the most difficult arts to master.  

Why? Because most marketers don't teach you how to master this important skill. Each email subscriber should be worth $1 every month so that means your goal is to get around 10,000 subs so you should be making around $10,000 a month which is not hard to do once you learn the right skills.