Ever wonder why some fashion retailers seem to generate rapid buzz around their launch while other brands barely get noticed? What is the secret  sauce that makes their brand so sexy.

In this class, I will show you how you can build a lasting business which will generate sales from day one. I will share tactics that have worked again and again to generate rapid buzz. I will provide all the ingredients needed to turn your launch into an event customers want to be part of.

You'll learn

  • How you can differentiate your brand to create within your customers the urge to shop from you
  • Tips to help launch with a bang and build anticipation
  • How to drive traffic early on
  • Where you should focus your time to have a wildly successful launch 

BUSTED: Check out what an affiliate was doing....

This story starts a few 
years ago...

on the Warrior Forum 
a big name marketer was
doing a big launch....

There were big prizes up for 
grabs for the affiliates who 
made the most sales.

So people were coming up 
with smart (and not so smart) 
ways to get more sales.

One guy had the sheer 
ridonkulous audacity to 
stuff his affiliate link cookie 
into the entire thread on the 
forum as a hidden image.

This meant everyone seeing 
the offer on the Forum was 
instantly cookied as his sale.

The bandit.

But he was caught red-handed 
and was ejected from the IM Spaceship 
in an oxygen-free, windowless pod.

Affiliates get desperate.

And being desperate is okay 
as long as you channel it into 
doing good things.

So if you're desperate for 
big results, big commissions 
and big pay days don't resort 
to shady tactics.

Just check out this course.....

No shady tactics here, just 
battle-tested strategies which 
make you more money, fast;


Kevin Whitsitt