This course presents What is eBusiness and e-Commerce, The many kinds of e-Business, The impact of the electronic   communications on traditional businesses, Business adoption of digital technologies for e-commerce and e-business, Business Platform, Business infrastructure components, social and legal factors
, Environmental and e-government, Common Business Challenge, and Types of Business. This course can be completed in 50 minutes.

At the end of this   course, Students will :

  1. Understand The basic of e-Business, analysis of e-commerce and the e-Enivornment in business   

  2. Recognize the infrastructre and the Business Overview   


......Must be nobasic computer operating.

......Have idea about internet using.


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Teach everything to this course you can create any website easily without having problem.

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Step by step lecture i teach you wordpress website.

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Using Minecraft you can create your own dungeon/maze/Labyrinth to challenge your friends and or family, I'll show you some of my favorite traps, and thought processes to make a challenging map to have people play through. I cover basics briefly then get straight into designing your own construct to confuse and challenge others.

In this course, you will learn the basic principles that make all the difference between "normal" living or surviving and real thriving in life. Applying those principles will not only help you solve every problem you might encounter, but also make you a happier person while doing so!

Each lecture comes with a worksheet of additional questions to adapt the principle to your own situation.

Very simple and basic introduction to Laravel 5 by creating a simple application. The application will allow you to add  tasks to the database, read them on website, update to completed or not completed and delete them.

You will learn simple database operations in Laravel framework - create, read, update and delete called CRUD.

You have to have a server installed on your computer (Xamp, Wamp, Linux etc.). Make sure to meet the requirements for Laravel installation: check Laravel version in composer.json file and then check in the documentation of Laravel which version of PHP and other tools you need. The course was made in Laravel 5.5 but you can follow this course at any 5.* version of Laravel.

Follow exactly what I say and do and you will have the same app on your computer.

Important note:

I am not a native speaker of English, so you can check before enrollment whether my English is good for you and you can always speed up the video in the player options.

In this shot gun course I share the skills, the mindset and the systems that have most impacted my productivity at work.

This course is for those people who want to feel more confident and competent at everything that they do. Whether you are a freelancer or an employee, what I will share with you here will improve your capacity to deliver results.

In this lesson, i will teach you how to create this amazing website design from scratch. This website is created in bootstrap 4 and also used HTML and CSS. Taking this lesson you will able to create your own website design. we are using bootstrap 4, HTML5 and CSS3 in this lesson. The complete course take only 30 to 40 minutes.

Dieser Kurs ist zu 100% Anfängerfreundlich!

In diesem kompakten Kurs werde ich Ihnen zeigen wie man Geld verdient, indem 
man Domains ankauft und mit einem Gewinnt verkauft!

Ich werde Ihnen folgende Punkte erklären:

  • Grundlegende Begriffserklärung
  • Unterschied zwischen Deleted Domains und Expired Domains
  • Wie man einen Back-Order Service benutzt
  • Die richtige Domainbewertung 
  • Wie man sich vor Betrug mit unserer "Domain double check" schützt

In Teil 2 werde ich dir folgendes zeigen:

  • Wo und wie man seine Domain verkauft
  • Alternative Zahlungsmöglichkeiten
  • Erfolgreiche Domainübertragung 

Gravity, or gravitation, is a phenomenon that makes masses move towards one another or makes one move around the other in a circular or elliptical path. This includes atomic particles like electrons and atoms to cosmic masses like planets, Sun and stars. On Earth, weight is a consequence of gravity and the Moon causes the tides on Earth. Gravity, as we will learn in the lessons is proportional to the product of masses of interacting body and inversely to the square of the distance between them.

In today's modern society many people have lost sight of (or don't even know) who they are.

They follow a crowd, a trend, a movement in order to belong and feel part of something.

They post to Instagram, Snapchat or a host of others sites seeking validation and recognition. Defining themselves by the number of likes and followers they get.

But then they feel unfulfilled. The hole in their being is not satisfied.

Sooner or later, this leads them to ask:

Who am I? What am I doing with my life?

Many believe that in order to find the answer to this question they must travel to the far reaches of India, South America or some other country. To take exotic herbs. Go through strange healing rituals. Spend endless hours in therapy.

While this can be helpful, the truth that people seek is actually inside them. Waiting for them to uncover it. To find your true self you just need to look inside yourself.

This level 1 course begins the process to 'unwrap' yourself and move to thru the first step to becoming an authentic person. The first important step is that of self awareness. This involves getting to know yourself and who you are.

Within the course you will find clear and helpful lessons that are easy to understand. Your professor, Richard, believes in cutting away the fluff and technical/philosophical aspects so that the course is accessible to everyone.

You will find resources at the end of each module which will help you further in The Search For Self.

Enrol now and let's take a journey to self discovery.