In this course you will get to know the Playground for Entrepreneurs, a tool that will allow you to take your first steps towards a succesful initiative. You will learn how to validate your ideas in an easy and accesible way, as well as the principles of formulating a simplified business model.

This course is made to be accesible for everybody, with a very practical application. You can apply the contents and methodology of this course to all sorts of projects, whether it be commercial, non-profit, intrapreneurship, etc. 

This is a simple, quick start short course for people who like to learn more about:

- Easy strategies to generate more customer

- Quick strategies to improve business revenue

- Create a great customer experience to get customer to return often

- The money FREE ways to do build your BRAND

- 6 Steps Sales Process which you bring you instant results

- Bonus: Have Absolute Clarity and Validity about your Business Mindset and Business Model